Cooling effect


Humidification methods and cooling effect

Humidification method


Cooling effect


600 - 800 W/liter

0 kW/liter

Ultra sound

50 - 75 W/liter

0,68 kW/liter

Compressed air

30 - 60 W/liter

0,68 kW/liter

High pressure

7 - 10 W/liter

0,68 kW/liter

The table shows the energy consumption and cooling effect at different humidification methods.

Only when using steam for humidification there is no cooling effect because the evaporation energy is supplied in the shape of electricity, before the steam is supplied to the air. Humidification with steam will on the contrary result in a further temperature increase in the room during the summer period.

Dimensioning of humidification systems

In each single case it is necessary to dimension the humidification system and calculate the humidity need throughout the year, depending on the actual ventilation, heat and recovery conditions, and of course the wanted temperature and humidity conditions.

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