Relative humidty


Humidification with Condair Systems ® is produced when water under high pressure is atomised into micron-sized particles. The fan creates an airflow that distributes the water particles which are immediately absorbed in the air, thus leaving a uniform air humidity in the entire room. 

Below are figures that illustrate the climate conditions in production premises in the winter period, with and without humidification.

Winter without humidification

When outdoor air is heated up, the relative humidity will decrease. The heated air is blown into the room and the humidity in the room decreases.

Winter with humidification

The relative humidity in a room increases when humidity is added to the air and thus a uniform humidity can be maintained.


Nature itself contains some humidity, but in i.e. a production room the inside climate and air humidity is under constant change due to heating, ventilation and exhaust.

People, plants, organic and even some non-organic materials have the need for an active and permanent influence on the air humidity to avoid inconvenience and damages. Especially during winter where the water content in the air is very low, nature alone can not provide the necessary humidity.

We can conclude that we do not have the ability to control or change the air outside, but the air we use in i.e. production premises we can control.

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